Character Creation and House Rules

Basic Rules

- You are free to create characters on your own, have me make one for you, have me walk you through the process, whatever works best. There’s a ton of content out for fourth edition, so if you’d like the ability to draw from all that’s available without having to buy a bunch of sourcebooks, the best way to do it is with the 4e Character Builder. Let me know if you would like a totally legitimate copy of the totally legitimate Character Builder software, and I can help you out.

- Starting level of 5, with a free feat [Versatile Expertise]. Any WotC material, including Essentials, will be allowed. Just keep in mind I’m using DnD mostly as a mechanical backbone for the story, so please be willing to accept drastic butcherings, reshufflings, or alterations of existing lore.

- You may reflavor any non-thrown Ranged weapon as a Firearm by adding the High Crit and Misfire properties to its already existing properties. Misfire deals 1[W] to the user on a natural 1.

- The following races will not likely be eligible for players: Deva, Gith-Zerai, Shardmind, and Wilden. I discourage the re-fluffing of races that I’ve excluded, but highly encourage the refluffing of classes, feats, powers, and items. If you want to play a clockwork guru, but want to use the mechanics of the Wizard class and just throw out the “Arcane” flavor, that is fine with me.

- Some races (Shifters, Changelings, Genasi, Shadar-Kai, and Reventant) and classes (Assassin, and anything from the Heroes of Shadow sourcebook) can only be played if you use your first feat to brand yourself as a creature of the abyss. See the section on Abyss-Marked and Abyss-scarred creatures for more information.

- As in Dark Sun, any character who possesses a Daily Arcane Power gains the Arcane Defiling power. See the page on Arcane Magic in the supplemental pdf for more information.

- A new INT-based skill called “Engineering” will be used to handle all checks that require expertise in technological devices. If you’re interested, see the entry on Engineering for details.

- Taking the first of any Multiclass Feat works as written. Once you’ve taken a Multiclass Feat, you may pick up the Novice Power, Acolyte Power, and Adept Power feats for that path, once each at no cost, provided you meet the level prerequisites. This way, you have one free power swap at level 4, 8, and 10. If you want to Swap even more than that, you’ll have to dump your feats the old school way to get a second helping of Novice Power. I’m allowing this because basically Multiclassing is totally useless the way it’s been implemented currently, since it’s basically a huge feat-drain just to swap out equivalent abilities.

Character Creation and House Rules

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