Effects of the Abyss

Exposure to the forces of the Maelstrom and the Abyss can have extreme effects on creatures, to the point of corrupting them beyond recognition. It is also a source of great power. In order to unlock some of Eversky’s darker supernatural options, you must have been in contact with the shadow power of the abyss at some point. How far did you go for power, and how did it change you?

Keep in mind that you did not have to personally visit the Abyss to gain these effects. Whether you were exposed to Shadow Crystal radiation, were reanimated with Maelstrom Essence, injected with Element Zero, drank some Death Juice, or whatever gimmick you’d like to use to explain how you got it, you still suffer the curse. On the other hand, your power need not necessarily come from the physical mark itself. Rather, the mark could be a physical symptom of something that happened internally. The point though, is that there is a mark, or maybe a collection of physical traits rather than a single “brand”, by which others might spot you as different.

There are three degrees of exposure to the Abyss, the first being the mildest. Dark Talents is a bonus perk that is attached to the second and third degrees.

Maelstrom Marked - You may take the Feat “Mark of Shadow” in order to unlock the Assassin class or a class from Heroes of Shadow.

Abyss Marked - You may take any Aberrant Dragonmark (Eberron Player’s Guide) in order to unlock the Shadow Classes, the Changeling and Shifter Races. An Abyss-Marked character automatically gain the Dark Talents benefit described at the bottom of the page.

Abyss Scarred - You may take the Spellscar Multiclass Feat as per the Forgotten Realms PHB (pg 41). Rephrase all mentions of the Spellscar to the “Abyss”. You will take a penalty to defenses against creatures powered by the Abyss, and be able to sense them as well. This option unlocks Shifters, Shadar-Kai, Genasi, Revenants, and Changelings as player characters, and the Assassin class. You may choose Dark Talents as your Spellscarred “Trait”, instead of three choices in the guide.

Dark Talents: Roll 3 d10’s. You gain 3 Wild Talents according to the chart on the Dark Sun Campaign Guide (pg 81).

Note that the more extreme your aberration, the more apprehensive people will act towards you on sight. Most folk will actively call for the imprisonment of a loose Shadar-Kai or Genasi, and those with arcane senses will be able to detect an Abyss Scar with a decent roll. Changelings and Shifters will face fairly significant discrimination if they don’t maintain high bluff checks, but it’s quite possible for a Changeling to hide his darker features pretty well, and Shifters will just have to make sure they don’t accidentally Enrage (which might be accomplished by an enemy Intimidate or Bluff roll). A Maelstrom Mark will require a higher Arcana or Perception roll to detect, but it can still hinder negotiations if discovered.

A pdf detailing mechanics of Dragonmarks, Wild Talents, and Defiling can be found here.

Effects of the Abyss

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