Engineering and Alchemy

Any character with the ability to perform Alchemy will receive training in the Engineering skill at no further cost. Alchemists also have access to any “Ritual Caster” ritual with the Creation keyword, allowing them to make “Enchanted Items” and automata. They may also use Engineering as their rolls in these fields.

Ways to obtain the Engineering skill naturally
- Use your Background to open it up as a Class Skill, and then train it it as you would a regular skill.
- You may sacrifice Training (regardless of how or when in character creation it is obtained) in any Int-based Knowledge skill. For example, if you take a class, race, or feat that provides training in Arcana, you may take Engineering instead. If you replace your Arcana training with Engineering, you lose your access to the Defile power, even though your powers are considered “arcane” on paper.
- Any feature (Feat, Racial Bonus, Item) that grants a bonus to an Int-Based knowledge skill may be repurposed to add a bonus to Engineering instead.


[Gadgeteer] Gain training in Engineering. You may roll 3 d10’s, rerolling any duplicates. The results will grant you three gadgets that perform the same effect as the Wild Talents on Page 81 of Dark Sun.

[Mad Science] Training in Engineering is a prerequisite to the Mad Science Feat. Mad Science allows you to choose two out of the three benefits below:
~ Gain 3 Wild Talents of your choice
~ Gain training in Alchemy and Creation Rituals, with the ability to substitute Arcana rolls with Engineering.
~ Training in Arcana, and regain the ability to Defile.

You can find a pdf detailing the Wild Talents and Defiling abilities (among other things) here.

Uses of Engineering
Besides knowledge checks, the Engineering Skill may be used in place of Arcana, History, or Religion rolls for the purposes of any “Skill Power”, such as Arcane Mutterings, Arcane Senses, Studied Casting, etc. Characters trained in Engineering skill will also be able to append and embed Component items to their armor that would normally require the “Warforged” race property, such as Armbows or Delver’s Light. Much like how Arcane characters can use Arcana as a perception roll to detect magical energy, Engineers may use their skill as a perception roll for traps and hidden doors that depend on technology to work.

Engineering will factor somewhat into airship combat, but they will not be the be-all-end-all skill. Airship encounters will be run more like holistic skill challenges, with prompts for characters to contribute bonuses to each other’s actions (a high Int character can draft a firing solution for a high Dex character to use to aim a cannon, for example.) Traits useful for helmsmen will be Reflex defense, Bluff, and Nature. First mates and lookouts will want Insight, Perception, and History, to reflect a knowledge of aerial tactics and maneuvers. Gunners will want Athletics or Thievery depending on whether they want to fire larger guns, or smaller, more precise ones. They will also want Nature to judge how wind and weather factor into their shots. Engineers will be useful in analyzing an enemy ship’s weak point, as well as performing repairs on damaged sections of the player ship.

Engineering and Alchemy

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