Nations of Eversky - Independent Territories and Foreign Lands


Capital city: Iskinder – The Hidden City
Ruler: The Matriarch
Races: Dragonborn, Kobold, Goblin, Lizardman
Dominant Religions: None
Alliances: None
Enemies: None
Language: Common, Draconic, Goblin,
Tech Level: 5
Magic Level: 1
Aesthetic: Brutal, savage, in-your-face, slave-driven Draconic Steampunk tearing through deep jungle. Crude saws, drills, and war engines covered in moss.

Yan’Ashal is the land of the Beastmen. All manner of monsters, from kobolds and gnolls, to orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins, as well as the vicious and amphibious races of Shauagin and Slaad, swarm the large island and struggle for dominance. The civilization of Breckenan has had its eye on Yan’Ashal, knowing that if they do not work fast to subdue the monsters of the land, they may find themselves without a home to move to when the island of Breckenan approaches the Abyss. Humans have trapped themselves by not thinking ahead before, and they’re not about to let it happen again. However, a Dragonborn cult leader is said to have led a tribe of Dragonborn refugees from Relquis deep into the jungles of Yan’Ashal, where they hope to raise their civilization from the ashes. Since all manner of rumors abound, it is unclear how large their city (Iskinder) is really is, and whether or not the cultists have really made an alliance with the leader or leaders of the beastmen in exchange for safety.

However, some explorers swear they have seen the Hidden City below the jungle canopy, warning that any day now, this small, but technologically supreme kingdom will rise and make itself known to the world. They say the Dragonborn that reside there have made a pact to become servants of a grand Dragon known as The Matriarch, who has in turn given them the highest status among her Beastmen servants. Dragonborn Enforcers drive the lower races to mine the resources used to manufacture the Matriarch’s army of Juggernauts (Steel-clad Dragonborn and Lizardmen). Who knows how much time is left before the Matriarch’s true plan is revealed?


Races: Elf
Dominant Religions: Sylvanus the Oakfather
Alliances: Orizan
Enemies: Drow of The Shatterlands
Tech Level: 1
Magic Level: 4
Language: Common, Elven
Aesthetic: Traditional elves

The tree-dwelling civilization of the elves does not really have a government, or a ruler. Elves live in large families and tend to avoid conflict, as there is enough forest for everyone. They have no cities, though the network of treetop dwellings can be dense enough in some areas to merit the title. They are reclusive, and while they strive to maintain peace with one another, they are extremely distrustful of outsiders. If trouble does happen upon them, their amazons are experienced with exotic blades and spears, and trained to ride the giant dragonflies that inhabit the forests of Kenthia.


Capital city: None
Ruler: Various chieftains
Races: Kalashtar
Dominant Religions: The Soulweave
Alliances: Kenthia
Enemies: The Sultanate of Nebur
Tech Level: 1
Magic Level: 4
Language: Common, Supernal
Aesthetic: Based on wandering aboriginal tribes that keep long oral traditions.

Once a splinter sect of humans known as the Kalashtar, they have become something quite different through a cultural affinity with a force called the Soulweave. They have made their home on the island of Orizan, an island with an eclectic geography that can vary from rolling savannas to dense jungles. Kalashtar tend to either cluster together in villages, or travel as families as the seasons and herds of animals demand. While the Kalashtar are themselves a peaceful people, they have learned to remain vigilant and prepared for battle if necessary, as they often get slavers from Nebur intruding into Orizan looking to take prisoners. Their traveling storytellers travel the skies on giant doves, and carry long chains of inscribed clay beads as implements and holy symbols.


Capital city: Neb’Het – City of Sin
Ruler: The Sultan Xaru
Races: Human, Yuan-Ti, Snaketongue
Dominant Religions: Pantheon of the Sands, Tiamat, Zehir.
Alliances: Beastmen of Yan’Ashal
Enemies: Orizan, Breckenan
Tech Level: 2
Magic Level: 5
Language: Common, Goblin, Abyssal, Primordial

The deserts of Nebur are home to some of the most lawless and unscrupulous races in Eversky. Humans of the Neburian tradition live side by side with a race of snakemen known as the Yuan-Ti. More than a century ago, a mage by the name of Xaru was said to have descended into the underdark of Nebur, and emerged with a powerful scepter that allowed him to raise a kingdom from the sands. The Archivist Sultan rules to this day, though no one knows how he has managed to defy his natural life span. Xaru enforces few rules save for those which he deems necessary to protect his own life and throne. As such, the capital city of his kingdom is a lawless expanse of shanties and market tents crammed around Xaru’s palace, a haven for thieves, swindlers, assassins, mercenaries, and of course, practitioners of the world’s “oldest profession”. Nebur is said to be the only island whose deeper, labyrinthine core has survived a trip through the Abyss and the core of the earth, and returned through the mists somewhat intact. Thus, explorers search beneath the sands for ancient magics that are beyond the knowledge of even the Eladrin.

Nations of Eversky - Independent Territories and Foreign Lands

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