Nations of Eversky - The Freesky Alliance

Kingdom of Illan

Capital city: Federatis
Ruler: King Reza Belorem – with the advisement of 8 councilors.
Races: Human, Halfling, Half-elf, Dwarf, Tiefling, Gnome, Warforged
Dominant Religions: The Septim of Illan, The Adamant Tribunal
Alliances: Vanir, Breckenan, Wetherby
Enemies: Tymordian Empire, Sultanate of Nebur
Language: Common, Dwarven
Tech Level: 3
Magic Level: 3
Aesthetic: Regal, Britannic, Sophisticated, Mingling of technologies from all over. Propeller-driven airships, and Gnomish Clockwork. Alchemy, Ritual, Scroll, and Artifice-based magics. Giant eagle mounts.

Known as the City of the Four Towers, Federatis was founded by the migrants of the Silent Fleet, a group of pilgrims from the fallen empires of Arcturia and Kolmitar, which were devastated by the War of Judgment. After nearly a decade of wandering through the skies searching for a home, the pilgrims arrived on Illan and founded a nation with one of the most organized governments in the world. Illan is something of a “capital” for the free world; a prime destination for economic exchange and diplomatic negotiations.

Republic of Breckenan

Capital city: Marsilia
Ruler: The Senate of Erathis; Chairman Taeylorn
Races: Human, Halfling, Half-elf
Dominant Religions: Order of Erathis, The Adamant Tribunal
Allies: Illan, Vanir
Enemies: Tymordian Empire, Beastmen of Yan’Ashal, Sultanate of Nebur
Language: Common
Tech Level: 4
Magic Level: 2
Aesthetic: Western rough-and-tumble vibe with a reverence for the Greco-Roman influence of the fallen human nation of Arcturia running throughout. Sail-driven airships that float on Skywood. Rifles and other firearms preferred. Pegasus mounts.

No sooner had the nation of Illan been created than adventurers began to seek out other lands. Many free-spirited, self-determined humans who had for so long felt constrained by what they perceived to be an oligarchic ruling class in Federatis, started searching for a land they could call their own. The island of Breckenan hardly welcomed them with open arms. What little land was habitable was crawling with beastmen, but the hardy settlers carved a place of their own on Breckenan, and established an unprecedentedly democratic nation. Breckenan is the most industrialized of the free nations, with high-rising structures built upon one another, and steam engines and trolleys passing through the various districts of the capital. While Illan’s market district has a wide selection of foreign goods as long as they are approved by the crown, the Breckenan city of Marsilia is a manufacturing capital where smiths and shipwrights are ready to get to work as long as you’ve got the money, and very few regulations exist to stifle trade. it is the birthplace of many a freetrader, mercenary, or pirate.

Kingdom of Vanir

Capital city: Crojaq
Ruler: King Orsirik Stormhammer
Races: Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Halfling
Dominant Religions: Brethren of Moradin
Alliances: Illan, Breckenan
Enemies: Tymordian Empire, subterrenean Minotaurs
Language: Dwarven, Common
Tech Level: 4
Magic Level: 1
Aesthetic: Germanic, Gritty big-gear steampunk. Heavy U-boat-style airships made of bronze and iron, kept afloat by engines burning Thoracite, an extremely powerful mineral found deep in the underground. While the Tieflings’ variety of steam technology orients towards finesse and precision with the aid of small clockworks, Dwarven technology is concerned with raw power and explosive force.
Exotic hammers, axes, and large work-tools are all part of dwarven culture. Snow Wolf mounts traverse the snowy mountain surface of the island of Vanir.

Dwarves are known to hold to their principles until the bitter end. Back when the Silent Fleet first took to the skies, a minority of the dwarven population who did not subscribe to the teachings of The Adamant Tribunal were forced to forge their own path to a new land. Those that survived this crucible of tribulations emerged to settle on the island of Vanir. Their experiences moving from island to island had accustomed them to living both above land and below it. Thus, the capital city of Crojaq was built at the border between an icy mountain range and a wooded pine forest. But even after Crojaq was founded, their troubles were hardly at an end. The island of Vanir, while inviting from the topside, had a host of threats from beneath its surface in the Underdark, including the Minotaurs which the Dwarves eventually enslaved. As the years have progressed, the Dwarves made their way deeper underground with the development of excavation engines that have created a vast network of subterrenean tunnels where most Dwarves now reside.

Villages of Wetherby

Capital city: Lorriton
Ruler: The Landkeepers’ Guild
Races: Halfling, Gnome, Human
Dominant Religions: Septim of Illan
Alliances: Illan, Breckenan, Vanir
Enemies: Tymordian Empire
Language: Common
Tech Level: 2
Magic Level: 4
Aesthetic: The Shire, only rising upwards as one approaches urban centers, where confusing and tangled networks of wooden plankways, ship decks, and ramps intertwine. Platforms held aloft by hot air balloons mingle with the decks of dirigibles to create something like a perpetually shifting Floating Bazaar. Energy-efficient dirigbles and hot air balloons that can traverse extremely long distances without much need for fuel. Small, gnomish gadgets and gizmos that make life easier and more pleasant, but not quite as directly useful in times of war. Still, the resourceful soldier would do well to carry a Gnomish Army Knife or one of those “Pens ’wot can write Upside-Down”.

Though they share much of the same history as the humans and dwarves, the Halflings and Gnomes are content to live their live in peace, making merry in their bustling towns and quietly studying the arcane traditions safeguarded in the Archives of the Ruby Hall. When they are called to battle, only small groups of Gnomish mages answer the call, while halflings stick to maintaining the supply lines that keep the armaments of their battle-ready allies well-stocked. In the sleepy island of Wetherby, life continues peacefully, though anxiety grows as the scryers in the Ruby Hall foresee a great shadow washing over their pristine land.


Capital city: Ruins of Obsidian
Ruler: General Eresius
Races: Dragonborn, Kobold, Goblin, Orc
Dominant Religions: The Platinum Dragon
Alliances: None
Enemies: Beastmen invaders
Language: Common, Draconic, Goblin
Tech Level: 1
Magic Level: 4
Aesthetic: Armored warriors, paladins, and dragon-priests resembling a kind of honourable “Knights of Old” vibe crossed with Spartan ferocity, but all of it worn down to a threadbare desperation, as this last remnant of Dragonborn face the eve of their ruined civilization. Exotic blades and spears. Armored, spell-slinging Dragon-riders and jousters.

For the noble Dragonborn of Relquis, life has always been a struggle. For nearly a century now, they have tried to solidify their grip on the land, some decades bringing more success than others. The result, however, has been a demoralizing defeat that has left the Dragonborn’s attempts at civilization in ruins. During the War of Judgment between the human Empire of Arcturia and the dwarven kingdom Kolmitar, the Dragonborn were persuaded to join the fight on the side of Arcturia, with the promise that Arcturia would in turn help the Dragonborn secure their own lands against hordes of beastmen (kobolds, gnolls, orcs, and the like) after the war was over. Reckless human ambition caused The War of Judgment to become all-consuming, demanding more and more sacrifice from all sides, and causing both human and dwarven empires to collapse upon themselves. In the last 10 years, most of the Dragonborn have fled off the island, leaving only the ruins of their old kingdom, Obsidian, in the hands of kobolds and goblins. There is however, still a contingent of holdout Dragonborn making one last stand in the snowy village of Winterclaw.

Nations of Eversky - The Freesky Alliance

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