Nations of Eversky - The Tymordian Empire and its Territories

The Tymordian Empire (Anchord and Hallon)

Capital city: New Tymordia
Ruler: Vernus Tyrnael
Races: Eladrin (Sun Elves)
Dominant Religions: Church of Golden Light
Alliances: Verana, Haldar (Allies by force)
Enemies: Anyone that stands in their way
Language: Elven
Tech Level: 3 (Mostly what they’ve salvaged from sacking Verana)
Magic Level: 5
Aesthetic: Spiraling red and golden towers. Pristine cities of marble buildings cut through by Venice-like canals, maintained by arcane homunculi. Magical, albeit slow, airships that seem to require no fuel for propulsion. Giant battle censers (Chain-weapons) used by priests and paladins of the Golden Light. Trained golden drake mounts.

Considering themselves gifted in their otherworldliness, their ability to harness magic, both arcane and divine, and shift through the very fabric of the world, the Sun Elves of Tymordia take it as a sign that they are the rightful heirs to this world. Though they are unpopular for their imperialistic reputation, they consider their mission a righteous one, to unite the fractured world of Eversky under the purifying light of their god, Corellon. The Eladrin feel a spiritual affinity to the earth, but in a very different way than Elves do, for they consider harmony with nature to be more of a mutual balance of give-and-take, a balance between preservation and civilization. Eladrin, thus, have perfected the art of resource-gathering and terraforming, resulting in some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, as well as some impressive technological and magical advancements with the incorporation of Tiefling technology.

Isles of Sorrow

The Tiefling civilization has never been known for its cohesion, particularly when it comes to political matters. Each Tiefling is predisposed towards carving his or her own path, rather than follow another’s lead. So when Queen Damalia signed a treaty of surrender with the Eladrin emperor, a highly controversial action, the unity of her small kingdom was shattered. Today, the Isles of Sorrow house two very different populations. A blockade of Eladrin airships filters the skies between Verana and Atrice, allowing only those who have sworn themselves to peaceful submission not only to the empire, but to the Church of the Golden Light as well. As Atrice approaches the Abyss, its inhabitants are getting increasingly desperate. Some fight back against Empire forces futilely, others attempt to flee into the drow-infested Shatterlands, while some simply crumble and accept their fate, traveling to Verana if they have the money.

Isles of Sorrow – Verana
Capital city: Reverence
Ruler: Queen Damalia
Races: Tiefling, Eladrin overseers
Dominant Religions: Church of the Golden Light, Transcendentalism
Alliances: Tymordia
Enemies: Drow of The Shatterlands, Atrice
Language: Common, Elven, Abyssal
Tech Level: 4
Magic Level: 3
Aesthetic: Hastily renovated and whitewashed Gothic. Arcane eyes survey every corner weeding out any potential acts of rebellion and seditious talk. Weapons are rarely seen but in the hands of Tymordian occupying soldiers, but Tieflings actually enjoy a fairly high standard of living. They receive rations of food at requisition centers, and most of them go on about their daily lives, developing technology for the Tymordians in highly-regulated laboratory environments. Research goes slowly since Tymordian forces are hesitant to allow any single Tiefling to know all the details of a project.

Isles of Sorrow – Atrice
Capital city: Duskfall
Races: Tiefling
Dominant Religions: Neo-Transcendentalism
Alliances: None
Enemies: Verana, Tymordia
Tech Level: 5
Magic Level: 3
Language: Common, Abyssal
Aesthetic: Ruined Gothic architecture overwrought with brass, clockwork, and steam-driven engines. Much of the overground is nothing more than a graveyard/junkyard of a fallen civilization. Couriers and assassins of the Nightshade Rebellion scurry through the dark tunnels and alleyways of Duskfall, bringing news from the Moon Elves, and exchanging plans for sabotaging their overseers and “liberating” Verana. Desperate times call for ambitious and reckless minds, but since organizing any group of people for a reliable length of time is extremely difficult, Tiefling researchers tend to hole themselves up in secret hideouts, surfacing only to collect more spare parts for their creations. This has given birth to the rise of a dangerous and mad kind of science, which, on occasion, gets smuggled out to other parts of the world. Though it may seem arcane, it actually requires very little knowledge of magic in order to harness the power of the elements.


Capital city: The Spiral Tower holdout
Ruler: The Circle of Dreamweavers
Races: Eladrin (Moon Elves), Gnolls and other sundry Beastmen
Dominant Religions: Dreamweavers of Corellon
Alliances: Atrice, The Nightshade Rebellion
Enemies: The Tymordian Empire
Language: Elven, Goblin, Abyssal
Tech Level: 2 (Most it smuggled out from Atrice by the Nightshade Rebellion)
Magic Level: 4
Aesthetic: A camouflaged, moss-covered arcane hideout deep in a desolate, monster-infested swamp. Illusory enchantments help keep the tower hidden in the wilderness, to the point that many Tymordian bounty hunters swear that the tower actually phases to different locations on the island.

In the swamps of Ralla’zik, where roving packs of gnolls hunt down outsiders on sight, a small cadre of Moon Elf holdouts make their last stand against the Tymordian Empire. A constant thorn in Tymordia’s side, the Circle of Dreamweavers are a sect of Magi who refuse to stand by as the emperor corrupts the name of their god, Corellon, in order to fuel a fanatic, imperialistic holy war. As their numbers are so scarce, the Magi take extreme care not to leave the tower unless absolutely necessary, and rarely without a second identity. They will, however, provide resources to anyone opposing the empire, in the form of magical items, rare knowledge, or even training. When they are able, they also coordinate the rescue of promising recruits from the enchanted forest island of Luzea, the previous home of the Eladrin where the Moon Elves who refused to join Vernus Tyrnael in the settlement of Tymordia, still reside, waiting to fall into the Abyss.


Capital city: Stormreach
Ruler: Chief “Red Ice” Norgrim
Races: Humans, Goliaths
Dominant Religions: The Twin Brothers
Alliances: Forced alliance with Tymordia
Tech Level: 1
Magic Level: 3
Language: Common, Giant, Elven
Aesthetic: Shamanistic barbarians

In the mountains of Haldar, a strong and hardy race of proud warriors and hunters makes their home. For many years, the humans of Haldar spent most of their time fighting their Goliath enemies, and taming the ice drakes of the peaks. Recently, however, Chief Norgrim’s hand was forced into making a surrender plea to the emperor of Tymordia, allowing priests of the Golden Light to establish a presence in Haldar, and reluctantly conscripting many soldiers into the Tymordian defense. While nobody in Haldar is happy about this set of circumstances, few have any ideas about what can be done to fight this hegemonic empire. Prone to brashness and hubris, the Haldari are not a race to sit in servitude for long, and their stubborn nature may lead them to act against their Eladrin masters – a rebellion they may not live to regret.

Nations of Eversky - The Tymordian Empire and its Territories

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