The Rise of Tymordia

300 Years Ago
After decades of sporadic fighting with the Drow, the forest island of Luzea, home of the Eladrin, is on the brink of ruin, and so the houses unite under House Tyrnael to fight back the Drow menace. Isen Tyrnael, the patriarch of this house, leads an Eladrin army of elite spearmen into several brave expeditions into the Underdark. He would lead the Eladrin to victory and emerge a war hero, but his return to Luzea would not be a happy one. While Isen was busy leading the war charge, a rival house leader, Torr Ilixio had been busy building popularity among Eladrin back home.

250 Years Ago
Isen returns from the front lines, ready to claim a triumph and emerge as the new ruler and uniter of the Eladrin, but it seems his reward will be much more modest. Torr Ilixio is in charge of Luzea now, and Isen is given an advising position on the council, and after much protest, Isen decides to accept his position quietly, and make the best of it. He takes a young wife, Ailo Tyrnael, and she gives birth to his son, Vernus.

200 Years Ago
Quietly nursing a grudge against House Ilixio, Isen teaches Vernus of the harsh realities of the world. Vernus grows up a more intelligent, strategic, driven, and pragmatic man than Isen could have ever dreamed. In the meantime, the glory and standing of Luzea seems to have returned under Torr Ilixio’s rule, and in some ways, Isen is jealous that he was not given the chance to be the one who made it happen, even though he won that war that allowed the Eladrin homeland to survive at all. Nonetheless, Torr Ilixio is a tough and capricious ruler who uses his position to advance the agenda of his own family’s house. He is accused of being an elitist and a plutocrat.

In the meantime, Vernus excels in all his studies, as well as military endeavors, even winning some small wars against loose tribes of Haldari. He is given an honorary position in Ilixio’s council, and is well liked by the Eladrin common class.

150 Years Ago
The tip of a new island, Anchord, appears in the horizon, and planning on the new city begins. It is Torr Ilixio’s goal to mold this city into a fitting monument for his own majestic rule. Vernus’ father dies, and is given a lavish military burial. Vernus delivers a particularly inspiring eulogy on how his father helped fulfill the Eladrin duty of spreading beauty across the world, a mandate of Corellon that for too long has gone ignored by the Eladrin. Though at first controversial, the speech is published widely. The mother of Vernus, Ailo Tyrnael, with many years still ahead of her, takes a new husband.

100 Years Ago
Thanks to the construction under the supervision of Torr Ilixio, the city on Anchord is ready for settlement as Luzea approaches the Maelstrom. It is a majestic city with high rising towers, golden monuments to Corellon, and clear blue natural fountains all over. Ilixio looks forward to ruling the new city, but is very picky about who will proceed to the next island. He has kept a list of those who have helped him and those who have proven to be obstacles to his rule. Common citizens who have not been chosen by Torr Ilixio to be transported to Anchord can do one of two things: retreat back into the wild and attempt to find another land to migrate to, or band together with Vernus, who, having inherited his father’s great wealth, is procuring his own passage, and passage for thousands of others, to a smaller city in Anchord. Vernus’ generous offer of passage to these citizens is received with great gratitude, and although Torr Ilixio can do little to stop it, Vernus begins to feel like a thorn in his side.

75 Years Ago
Rosalie Tyrnael, a half-sister to Vernus, is born to Ailo.

Torr Ilixio, now aging and somewhat unpopular among the masses, takes command of Anchord, but not without challenge. Having amassed so much popular support, Vernus begins to usurp Ilixio’s claim in Anchord, and succeeds by carrying the will of the people and utilizing a little known law that allows for national referendum on the selection of a ruler. He rides into power on the back of a nationalist, imperialist, and deeply religious spirit that he has instilled among the people. As Vernus takes power, he renames the city and the empire “Tymordia”. He is welcomed as a benevolent dictator. Tymordia continues to foster ties to what had once been a small cult of radical worshippers of Corellon who call themselves the Church of the Golden Light. The sect had taken root through the decades in civilized Eladrin lands, but those who had remained in the wild were not very familiar with them. Vernus, however, welcomes the Church of the Golden Light with open arms, and they are given a high place in his empire.

Academians find the faith to be too simplistic and heavy-handed, and many elves find that they do not enjoy the incredibly close ties between the Church and their government under Vernus. The Wizards of the Spiral Tower are the most vocal critics of the Church, and lead something of an intellectual revolt against Vernus. This is when the Eladrin race was said to finally split into Sun elves and Moon elves, though the differences are factional, rather than physiological. Sun Elves are devout followers of Vernus and the Church of Golden Light. They prefer prayer to study, arcane airships to communion with the Fey spirits, and open civilization to the deep woods. The magi of the Spiral Tower, however, will soon find that by openly opposing Vernus, they have made a big mistake.

50 Years Ago
The central academy for the Wizards of the Spiral Tower on Luzea, is overrun by Orcs, though no one seems to know where they have come from. They seem particularly well-armed however. Some suspect Vernus is behind it, but none dare utter it. Travel from Luzea is suppressed as orcs and beastmen take over the land. The leaders of the Spiral Tower, an elite group of wizards known as the Circle of Dreamweavers, reconvene in Ralla’Zik, where they hope to continue operations in secret.

Tymordia continues to expand, with Sun elves residing in the north of Anchord closer to Tymordia City, and moon elves residing in the south, as well as in the forested areas of Luzea to the south. They are not bothered as long as they keep their dissent to themselves, as the last thing Vernus wants is to have Eladrin blood on his hands.

25 Years Ago
Haldar, a nearby tribe of humans, succumbs to Tymordian occupation.

Glace Tyrnael, Vernus’ younger half-brother is born

10 Years Ago
Queen Damalia of the tieflings of Verana capitulates to Vernus, much to the disdain of her own people..

2 Years Ago
The Tymordian Aermada fires the first shot against the Dwarves of Vanir, igniting a full-scale war with the Freesky Alliance.

The Rise of Tymordia

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